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Last Updated: Friday April 03 2009 05:35 GMT

We're writing the longest poem ever

Iria, Lola, Louise and Noah

Press Packers Noah, Iria, Lola and Louise, who are all in Year 4, started writing a poem and couldn't stop!

Here's their report.

"In our class this year we were learning about poetry. One day our teacher read us a really really long funny poem called Heard It In The Playground by Allan Ahlberg.

This inspired us to write a long poem of our own. We started the poem and after two pages, Iria was curious to find out how long the longest poem in the world was.

This was when our class all did a bit of research on the internet and found that Guinness World Records has no such record.

World record

This sparked a thought - that we could become record-breakers!

We started by writing down all the rhyming words we could think of and it now rhymes all the way through.

We have called it Everything Poem because that is what it's about! The poem was getting longer and longer each day as we took turns to take it home and write more and more. Even our teacher has written a few lines!

The writers, their classmates and their poem
s, their classmates and their poem

The Guinness World Records wrote to Iria and said that it had to be more than 3,500 words, so we counted the words and already we had written more than a thousand!

But 3,500 was now our target but once we got there, we just couldn't stop!!! The poem is now over 30 pages long and we just want to keep going so that it is really hard to beat.

It would be great if we could get it long enough to go all around the outside of the school. We need to finish our poem in April to make sure it goes in the 2010 Guinness World Records so look out for us!"

Iria, Lola, Louise and Noah, Year 4, London

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