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Last Updated: Monday May 11 2009 09:24 GMT

Book review: Miley Cyrus - Miles To Go

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Miley Cyrus

The plot

Miles To Go is Miley's first book and it's all about her and her road to superstardom.

Although she's only 16, the past three years have been pretty full-on, including landing the lead role in Disney's Hannah Montana, starring in a number one film AND having two best-selling albums!

Miles To Go covers her life-changing journey, including the audition process, friendships and fallings out with co-stars, juggling life on the road with schoolwork and finding time for boyfriends.

In fact it's got pretty much everything, right up until her 16th birthday at the end of 2008.

But this isn't just a book about the glitz and glamour of being a celebrity.

Miley also reveals some of the more challenging things she's had to deal with, like being bullied at school.


Miley talks openly and honestly about being bullied which, as well as helping to highlight the problem, could also help others suffering similar problems.

As well as showing how hard you have to work for an 'easy' celebrity lifestyle, it also gives you a glimpse of what it's really like when you're recognised everywhere you go and can never escape the paparazzi!

Weak bits

The lists that appear dotted through the book are a bit random and sometimes interrupt the flow of the stories.


Miley fans will adore this unique insight into their idol, but it's still a good read even if you don't know much about the child star.

NR rating:

Four out of five

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Your Comments

"I love this book so much. She expresses so many feelings about how she really feels and I think that is very brave. The pictures in the book are also really good. When I read this book I can't put it down."

Gracie, 11, London, England

"I think this book is brilliant and I am going to read it for the second time!!"

Eloise, 13, London, England

"This is an amazing biography. It doesn't follow the normal 'My name is...I was born in...blah blah' type structure.

Miley creates a friendly atmosphere, as if she was right there speaking to you. I think Miley can write a brilliant book. She gives you an amazing insight and really details her life before Hannah Montana was created.

I couldn't put this book down. Also if you read it again it's just as good as the first time. Miles to Go is truly a fantastic book."

Natalie, 10, Aberdeen, Scotland

"It's great, I definitely recommend it. She really digs deep into her life."

Amy, 9, UK

"I love it! I can't put it down - read it!"

Kerry, 11, Kent, England

"I love Miley Cyrus and I enjoyed reading about her life so far."

Robyn, 11, Northern Ireland

"It is a fantastic book. I enjoyed reading every second of it."

Pippa, 12, Buckinghamshire, England

"I'm reading this book at the moment - it's great so far and a really good insight on her life."

Jen, 14, UK

"It's a really good book and I was hooked. I really recommend it."

Joe, 13, UK

"I love this book, it's the best."

Najma, 11, London, England

"I thought this book was great. I wasn't a massive fan of Miley Cyrus but I really enjoyed reading it. This book is well written!!!"

Raheel, 12, Essex, England