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Last Updated: Monday March 30 2009 04:38 GMT

Kids need help to deal with death

A child puts a flower on a coffin in America

Much more help is needed for children who are affected by the death of a friend or family member.

That's according to the Child Bereavement Network (CBN) - a group of charities that's trying to make it easier for children to deal with death.

As many as one child in every 25 is affected by death. That's about the same as one child in every classroom.

The CBN wants every child and family to have access to a local service that can help them if they need it.

The CBN is working with schools to try to help them improve the way children are taught to deal with the death of someone they know.

It also wants the government to think more about bereaved children when it comes up with new laws.

Newsround has made a special programme about coping with death, called Gone.