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Last Updated: Tuesday March 24 2009 16:44 GMT

England loses race to stage IPL

Pietersen and Flintoff are among seven English players set for the IPL

England has lost the race to stage one of cricket's most high profile tournaments to South Africa.

Organisers of the Indian Premier League said it couldn't be held in India because of security fears, as it would clash with the country's elections.

At first it looked like England would be chosen to stage the competition, but IPL bosses said the country's wet weather could be a problem.

Now they have confirmed they've chosen South Africa to stage it instead.

Sonali finds out what cricket fans in England feel about the decision

IPL chairman Lalit Modi said: "The over-riding reason that we opted for South Africa was because of the weather conditions, which are a lot more favourable there than in England," he added.

South Africa is much warmer than England, and usually has about half the amount of rain in April.

It's also been reported that it will be cheaper to hold the tournament there.

Big names

It will feature 59 matches, and will start a week later than planned, running from 18 April to 24 May.

Cricket fans shelter from the rain at Lords (PA Photo: Tom Hevezi)
Britain's famous for its downpours

There are eight teams, and each of them will bid to buy the players they want on their side.

The biggest and best names in the sport will be taking part, including England's Kevin Pietersen and Andrew Flintoff.

So lots of cricket fans in the UK will be disappointed England wasn't chosen as the host.