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Last Updated: Tuesday March 24 2009 14:18 GMT

Ricky tries out first aid lessons

First aid lesson

Ricky gets put into the recovery position!

There are calls for every kid in Britain to learn about first aid in class.

Ricky went to a school in Camberley in the South of England to see what first aid lessons are like.

"Inside the Year 6G classroom half of the children were lying on the floor pretending to be injured.

They were all taking part in a first aid lesson with the help of St John Ambulance, a charity that promotes life saving skills.
First aid lesson
Kids learning the recovery position

The kids were learning how to put bandages on patients and what to do in an emergency. At one point the teacher was on the floor while some of her students tried out the recovery position on her.

I didn't escape from being a first aid guinea pig! The pupils prepared a bandage on my wrist and put me in the recovery position too.

The classes are part of a drive to make sure more people get first aid skills. At the moment, all schools in Wales and Northern Ireland take part in these lessons, that's because it's part of their national curriculum. In England and Scotland only some schools teach first aid.

St John Ambulance want the government to make sure that this changes, so all schools take part.

These life saving skills can be really fun to learn, even when you get to pretend to be an injured patient, but they can also save someone's life.

St John Ambulance hope that by 2011, first aid lessons will be part of national curriculum across the UK."