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Last Updated: Tuesday March 24 2009 11:55 GMT

Schools 'should teach first aid'

Ricky learning first aid
Ricky learning first aid at a school

There are calls for first aid to be taught in all schools in Britain.

At the moment it is only recommended in Wales and Northern Ireland. Schools in England and Scotland don't have to teach the subject at all.

Seven out of ten kids wouldn't know how to help someone who was injured, according to the charity St John Ambulance.

They reckon that kids could save lives if they were taught first aid.

Lorin and his first aid kit
Lorin and his first aid kit
11-year-old Lorin learnt his first aid skills at school and his quick thinking saved someone from a serious injury.

He and his mates were throwing water balloons at his house, and one hit a window, smashing it and sending glass into a girl's face.

Her neck was cut badly, but Lorin jumped to the rescue holding a bandage against the wound until she could be taken to a hospital.

The government says that it's planning to bring first aid lessons to all English schools by 2011.

But that's not soon enough according to Celia North from St John Ambulance. She says "First aid training is so simple and really good fun to learn. Kids need to learn these skills now."