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Last Updated: Tuesday March 24 2009 06:38 GMT

Newsround's Adam goes to baby school

Adam goes to baby school

Schools in Liverpool have been getting visits from new-born babies and their mums as part of a scheme to make classes more fun.

Adam dropped in on one.

I was quite surprised when I turned up and found a baby in the Year 3 classroom.

Nine-month-old Rebecca visits the school with her mum
But it's perfectly normal for the pupils because nine-month-old Rebecca is a regular visitor.

She comes in with her mum Michelle every month as part of a scheme called babymatterz, which a group of schools in Liverpool are trying out.

Today's lesson starts off with a discussion about how Rebecca has changed since last time.

She is sitting up more and can clap her hands. But the big news is that she's got two teeth!

Baby food

She seems to be having a good time - she's giggling a lot, loves all the attention and didn't cry once!

Adam trying baby food
Adam tried eating baby food!
Then it's time to find out what baby food tastes like. It comes in small jars and is all mashed up so that little people can eat it.

It doesn't go down very well with the class and there are lots of scrunched up faces as the pupils taste it.

My spoonful looked like lentil soup but was actually mushy sausage and pasta bake. I think I prefer the grown-up version.

Rebecca's big sister Sophie is a pupil at this school too, and so she answered some questions about what it's like to have a baby sister.

Baby-themed lessons

Apparently Rebecca's just learnt how to wiggle about to music but still wakes up the whole house early in the morning when she wants a bottle.

Rebecca in class
Rebecca and her mum visit the school every month
The scheme is being expanded to more schools in England and Wales because the organisers reckon that it helps children to concentrate, and makes classes more fun.

The baby-themed lessons have been used for maths and literacy.

As the pupils start filling in their worksheets, Rebecca is taken off to nursery... where she can hang out with some children her own age!