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Last Updated: Monday March 23 2009 12:14 GMT

Adam checks out a phone projector

Adam checks out cinema phones

First phone boffins came up with picture messaging, then video calls and now you can turn your mobile into your own personal cinema.

Adam got his hands on a brand new phone that has a projector built into it.

"The technology used in projectors has been shrunk down so that it's small enough to fit into a handy handset.

The University of Lancaster's mobile phone expert Andrew Greaves told me that they're designed to get over the problem of mobiles having very small screens.

Children using the phone projector
The projector phone makes pretty big images
He says the phones are designed so that you can share pictures and videos without your friends having to crowd round.

You use it by pressing a big button that swaps the handset from normal to projector mode.

And hey presto - your pictures, videos, and games appear on the wall in front of you.

Needs a dark room

Kids' views on a projector phone

The children we showed it to seemed pretty impressed... especially when we discovered you could project stuff on the ceiling, the floor and even your friends' bodies!

The only problem is that you have to use it in a pretty dark room otherwise you can't really see the projections. And you have to turn the phone on its side so that the pictures are the correct way round.

Although I have to admit, I think I still prefer trips to the real cinema."