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Last Updated: Saturday March 21 2009 13:10 GMT

Error gifts England cricket win

England and the West Indies in action

A freak scoring-error from West Indies coach John Dyson gave England their first win in the opening One Day International in Guyana.

He accepted bad-light with the West Indies on 244-7, but they were still one-run short of victory.

The hosts finished on 244-7 and England's first win of the winter was confirmed after a delay of 10 minutes.

England skipper Andrew Strauss admitted that at first his team were confused by the decision.

Strauss said: "We looked at the (Duckworth-Lewis) sheet and it seemed to suggest we were a run ahead.

"You can never be sure and when they went off we were scratching our heads."

Rain delay

Earlier the match at the Providence Stadium had suffered a 45-minute rain delay.

The Duckworth-Lewis scoring method is named after the two mathematicians who came up with mathematical way to work out a cricket result of a rain-affected match.

West Indies coach Dyson accepted full responsibility for his error. He said: "I thought we were ahead when we were behind by one.

"It's my responsibility, I accept it. I have apologised to the team, it's all I can do."