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Last Updated: Friday March 20 2009 17:08 GMT

Abandoned orangutans get new home

An orangutan

Neglected orangutans get special sanctuary

Orangutans who have been abandoned by their mums have got a new home to help them survive.

More than 20 of the primates have got a new home at the hospital and animal sanctuary, called Orang Utan island.

It's difficult for Orangutans in Malaysia, in south east Asia, as the places they like to live are often destroyed by people and forest fires.

Those problems, as well as illegal hunters, mean orangutans are one of the most endangered animals in Malaysia.

The baby orangutans that have been abandoned by their mums sleep in cots and are bottle fed by staff.

Once they are old enough they are allowed to play with other orangutans, before eventually going back to live in the wild.