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Last Updated: Friday March 20 2009 14:53 GMT

My dad is a soldier in Iraq

Press Packer Sian and Ricky

My dad is a soldier in Iraq

Press Packer Sian's dad is in the Army and is working in Iraq at the moment.

He's in the Royal Engineers, which means he's working hard to make sure people in Iraq have electricity when they need it.

Here's her story.

"My Dad has been working in Iraq for two-and-a-half to three months. I feel nervous and anxious about it.

Quite a lot goes through my mind. Is my Dad OK? What's he doing? And is he safe?

But I try to stop myself thinking that because it makes me upset if I think about it too much.

Other army dads

It's alright at home without my Dad, but I have to stop myself thinking about it too much. And Mum tries to stop me thinking about it.

Press Packer Sian and her dad
Sian and her Dad

Some of my friends at school have got relatives in the army as well.

When my Dad goes away my Mum tells my teacher and my friends and they're more aware. They try to make me happy.

When I was little my Dad was in Belize and there was a thunderstorm and I said to my Mum 'Can you ring dad and tell him to come home?' because I was scared.

It's times like that when I really miss my Dad.

Press Packer Sian and her mum
Press Packer Sian and her Mum look at photos

He emails every day, and we talk to him once or twice a week on the phone.

Big birthday surprise

He says things like 'There's not been much coming in' or 'There are no wars at that moment so there's nothing to be scared of at the minute'.

It was my birthday a few weeks ago and I got quite upset about it.

But when it was time to leave school my Dad came to pick me up as a surprise. I felt really excited and happy."

Sian, 11, Loughborough, England

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