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Last Updated: Friday March 20 2009 15:14 GMT

In pics: Man makes finger into computer gadget

Jerry's prosthetic finger

Check this out - it might look like a real finger at a glance, but it's a fake finger with a twist.

Jerry's hand with and without the prosthetic finger

Finnish computer programmer Jerry Jalava had to have part of a finger removed after a motorbike accident, so he made a fake finger that doubles as a computer memory stick.

Jerry's prosthetic finger

By peeling back the 'nail' and plugging it into the USB drive on his computer he can use it to store files, photos and films.

Jerry's hand attached to the computer

It would be a bit awkward to have your hand stuck to the side of a computer like this all the time though...

Jerry's prosthetic finger in his computer

So Jerry's designed the finger so he can take it off and leave it in the computer while he's working!

Jerry accesses the memory stick's connection by peeling back his fake fingernail

And he's already working on an upgrade for his hi-tech digit, which will have a removable fingertip and allow more storage and wireless technology.

Jerry's prosthetic finger and the shell for his upgrade

He says he got the idea after the doctors who treated him joked that he should have a USB "finger drive" after finding out he was a software developer.