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Last Updated: Thursday March 19 2009 15:07 GMT

Shop names and shames litterbugs

Maddy looks at how to stop littering

If you sneakily drop a bit of litter normally you'd get away with it, as long as no-one spotted you doing it.

But for children living in a village in Gloucestershire it's very different, as they're being named and shamed into binning all their old sweet wrappers.

That's because the owner of the shop there writes the name of each child who buys a sweet on the wrapper.

Then, if anyone spots a stray sweet wrapper on the street they'll know who bought it, and who to tell off too!

The punishment for dropping litter is a short ban from the sweet shop, or perhaps a trip around the village picking up litter.

Kids' views on sweet wrappers

At the moment it's only children being punished as they're the ones dropping the litter, but adults could get the same treatment if they turn litterbugs too.

Sweet solution?

The tactic has almost halved the amount of litter dropped in the village, although it's not likely to work that well anywhere else.

There's only one shop selling sweets in the village, so any sweet wrappers left lying on the street must have come from its shelves.