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Last Updated: Thursday March 19 2009 09:21 GMT

Ricky talks pop stardom with Dani Harmer

Ricky and Dani

Dani speaks to Newsround's Ricky

What do you do when you're only 20-years-old, a famous actress with a number of TV hits under your belt and many more in the pipeline?

Well, Dani Harmer, the actress behind CBBC shows such as The Story of Tracy Beaker and Dani's House has decided to turn her back on acting for a while to concentrate on a career in the music industry.

Ricky caught up with her during a photo-shoot in London to find out all about it.

"Dani will release her debut single, Free, in May and she's already causing a bit of a stir.

Two weeks ago, newspapers reported she had signed a recording contract worth around 3 million! So I asked her straight away if it was true, but in true showbiz fashion she just shrugged her shoulders and told me not to believe everything I read!

Embarrassing hair

It was really interesting to meet Dani. She's three years younger than me, and I still feel like her older brother, watching her grow up over the years on The Story of Tracy Beaker, which is constantly repeated on the CBBC channel and is one of CBBC's highest-rated dramas.

Dani Harmer on a photo-shoot
Dani's kept busy juggling photo-shoots with her magazine and TV interviews
She started acting on the show when she was only 12 years old and told me that she's a bit embarrassed about some of her previous hairstyles.

Now, Dani has a stylist and make-up artist to make sure her new pop star image is just right.

While chatting to Dani on the sofa in the photo studio there were a few other people taking photos and another journalist from a magazine writing down some of the things she was saying.

She told me she doesn't mind all the attention and thinks it's really funny when she gets spotted in the street.

New Tracy Beaker?

But in a year's time, will Dani be just as famous for her music career as she is for her role in Tracy Beaker? Well, we'll just have to wait and see how well the single does.

As for a new series of Tracy Beaker... Dani kept tight-lipped about that too!

So even though she didn't answer all my questions, for now, I'm just happy to have shared the sofa with one of the biggest stars on CBBC."