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Last Updated: Thursday March 19 2009 05:52 GMT

Dani Harmer chats to Newsround

Ricky meets Dani Harmer

CBBC's Dani Harmer has told Newsround's Ricky that her new music career has taken her by surprise.

The Tracy Beaker star said although strange it hasn't stopped her enjoying it: "I never really thought about going into the music industry.

"But I'm one of these people that has to do everything once so hopefully it will go well. But if it doesn't I'd have had an absolutely wicked time."

Last month Dani signed a record deal reported to be worth around 3m.

Dani answers Newsround's quick-fire questions

Dani's not the first actress to turn to singing. She's been compared to stars like Miley Cyrus but Dani's says she's a bit different.

She said: "We're both actors, we're both singers... but we're really quite different. I'm quite a lot older than Miley.

"But I love her music. She's absolutely wicked, but I'm doing it for Britain!"

Dani's single Free is out on 25 May 2009.