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Last Updated: Wednesday March 18 2009 13:38 GMT

Schoolboy saves family from fire

Conor McGrath

A schoolboy helped rescue a family from a house fire - using his rugby skills to help catch the children.

Fourteen year old Conor McGrath caught a baby and a six-year-old child after their mum dropped them into his arms from a first floor window.

Conor, who plays rugby for Lancashire said: "I knew that I just had to catch them. I am a strong lad for my age and the rugby definitely helped."

The children and their mum all escaped from the fire unhurt.

The blaze was spotted by Conor and his dad Shaun McGrath as they returned home from an early morning jog on Monday.


Conor, who plays in the scrum in his team, ran over to help: "I was shouting up at her, asking if she had a mattress so they could jump

"They dangled the boy down first and I caught him, then I caught the girl. I could see the flames and I did not want to go into the house. "

Conor's dad tried to go into the house but was beaten back by the flames. He then helped the children's mother who lowered herself from the upstairs bedroom window.

It's thought the fire was probably caused by a gas explosion. Engineers are now trying to find out exactly what happened.