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Last Updated: Wednesday March 18 2009 13:29 GMT

Architects tackle Lego challenge

The lego building by Gareth Hoskins architects

Imagine a world made entirely of Lego - that's the challenge that's been laid down to Scotland's top architects.

Five firms were each asked to design and build a building made entirely out of the colourful plastic bricks.

It's hoped the models will show how toy bricks can be turned into works of architecture in the right hands.

The Lego buildings are being displayed at the Scottish Design Awards Nominations Exhibition before a public vote decides the winner in May.

Check out this split-level villa design

Afterwards the models will be auctioned off to the highest bidder to raise cash for charity.

Gordon Young, editor of Prospect, said: "We were amazed at the ambition and scale of some of the entrants. We had tower blocks, big blocks and plain odd blocks.

"It's amazing to think all the teams started out of standard Lego building bricks. Imagine what could have been achieved if they were working with real bricks."


The lego building by gm+ad, which is based on a Mondrian painting
This design is based on a painting by the artist Mondrian
Lego was created in Denmark in 1932 when carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen began making wooden toys.

Two years later he stumbled on the Lego name by putting together the first two letters of the words Leg and Godt, which mean "play well".

In 1947, he started using plastic to make the bricks before patenting the idea a year later, which means he officially claimed it as his invention so no-one could copy it.