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Last Updated: Wednesday March 18 2009 08:21 GMT

Sea monster's 'car-crushing' bite

Predator X (Zoo FX)

A giant fossil sea monster found in the Arctic had such a ferocious bite it would have been able to crush a 4x4 car, say researchers.

Nicknamed Predator X, the reptile is thought to have roamed oceans about 147 million years ago, with jaws even more powerful than a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Researchers discovered part of the creature's skull last summer.

It's thought to belong to a new species of pliosaur, which are a group of large, short-necked reptiles.

Pliosaurs lived at the time of the dinosaurs, but even by their standards, this sea monster's size has amazed scientists.

Its estimated length of 15 metres, or one and a half standard buses, is much bigger than another large pliosaur, nicknamed The Monster, which was also uncovered in the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard, in 2007.