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Last Updated: Tuesday March 17 2009 16:43 GMT

Adam tests out a new playground

Watch Adam try out the new playground

New and refurbished playgrounds are opening up all over England after the government promised to spend 235m on new places to play.

Adam went to Knowsley in the north-west of England to check out the playground of the future.

"The brand new playground at Henley Park is designed to be as natural as possible so there are lots of big rocks around and there is sand on the ground instead of tarmac.

In the bright sunshine it feels a bit like being at the beach!

All the play equipment is made of wood. There is a slide for younger children that is built into a fake hill covered in grass.

The idea is that you can play here from a really young age until you're 13. The government has decided there is a shortage of places to play for older kids.

Challenging kit

That means that there are a few bits of the playground that might be a bit scary so that you can have a bit of a challenge - like a fireman's pole that looks a bit nerve-wracking!

Although it's all designed to be very safe.

Find out more about the new playground

I'm checking it out with pupils from a nearby school who helped to design it. They are getting a sneak preview before it opens in April.

I can't decide which is my favourite part. The slide is super fast so you fly right off the end. There's a climbing frame that is just like a proper climbing wall.

And there are even some old coal mine cars like the ones in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom!

Cool stuff

Knowsley Council are testing out new ideas to see what sort of things should be included in the new playgrounds that are being built across England. So some of this cool stuff could be coming to your area.

The governments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are also investigating whether children have enough places to play."