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Last Updated: Tuesday March 17 2009 16:42 GMT

In pictures: Press Packer meets Prince William

Ricky with Newsround's royal reporters Alice and Oscar

Press Packers Alice and Oscar joined Ricky for a very special assignment - interviewing the future king of the United Kingdom, Prince William.

Sign for visitors to Clarence House

While Alice quizzed the prince on TV, Oscar got all the behind-the-scenes gossip for the website. Here's his report of the day in pictures....

Oscar at the security gates to Clarence House

"I was feeling excited and a bit nervous when we arrived at Clarence House, where Prince William lives. We had to wait at the gates and then someone showed us into the house."

Oscar in front of the marble fireplace and a phot of the harp he liked so much

"The house was really nice. My favourite bits were the massive marble fireplace in the waiting room and the gold harp in the garden room, which was bigger than me!"

Lights, cameras, cation! Getting ready for the interview

"Before the prince came down we were shown the garden room where the TV interview would be filmed. It was really big and full of lights and cameras!"

Prince William and Oscar (Pic: Royal Marsden Hospital / Emma Campbell)

"Then it was time to meet the prince! I was really shocked when he came in because he looked different to how he does in the photos. His hair and face looked a bit different."

Oscar, Alice and Prince William chatting after filming

"I was really excited to meet him, it was really cool. He asked me and Alice about our cancer treatment and then we just chatted about general things."

Oscar makes himself at home at Clarence House

"He asked what fruit we like and I was quite shocked when he said he liked marmite and banana! He said we should try it, but I don't think I will."

Prince William gets fitted with his microphone

"While the prince and Alice sat on the sofa for the interview, I was on the sofa behind the cameras watching it all. It's the first time I've seen anything being filmed for TV."

Ricky filming one of his pieces to camera for the TV package

"Ricky quickly filmed a piece to camera while the cameramen were getting the cameras set up with the right angles and then it was time for Alice to ask Prince William the questions."

Prince William with Alice

"Alice did a really good job and the prince was friendly and very funny. When he was talking about flying the helicopters he joked about not having dented any yet!"

Prince William and Alice with Brinnie the dog

"When Alice made a mistake at the end and said Prince Harry instead of Prince William, everyone started laughing. Prince William didn't mind and even said he was going to tell Harry."

Oscar, Prince William and Alice (Pic: Royal Marsden Hospital / Emma Campbell)

"When the interview was over we all chatted a bit more and then posed for some photos with the prince."

Ricky filming with Alice

"Afterwards, Alice filmed a quick chat with Ricky to go with the interview..."

Oscar taking some behind-the-scenes snaps for the Newsround website

"And I took a few more photos before it was time to pack up."

Clearing up all the equipment took longer than it did to film the interview!

"It was good meeting Ricky on the Newsround team too, but I was surprised by how much equipment there was and how long it took to pack it all away!"