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Last Updated: Tuesday March 17 2009 08:00 GMT

Ricky rides an office helter skelter

Ricky tries an office helter skelter

Luckily, most of you won't have to step inside an office until you're a little bit older.

Sometimes a place of work can be a bit boring, with rows of endless desks and long hours spent sat at them.

But staff at one office in Sheffield, have got something very unusual to keep them occupied during the day.

Ricky went along for the ride.

"The office workers at the Electric Works building get to play with the UK's first indoor office helter skelter. All the businesses inside can use it to get from the third floor all the way down to reception.

It sounds really odd, so I went along to Sheffield to get a closer look.

The helter skelter is around 27m (90 feet) tall, and stands in the middle of the building. It's made of glass and metal and really is an impressive sight.

Seven-second spin

It starts on the third floor and ends on the ground floor, where a receptionist greets you as you whizz down the slide.

Ricky gets ready for the Helter Skelter
You'll have to let go at some point Ricky!
In all, the ride takes around seven seconds, which is so much quicker than taking the lift or even the stairs.

So why did they decided to put a helter skelter inside an office? Well, the designers thought it would be a good way of boosting the workers' mood during the day and make work more exciting experience for everyone.

It was really funny to see men and women dressed in their suits, hurtling down the ride holding a folder in their hands or clutching some sheets of papers ready to go to a meeting.

Get ready Ricky!

I could tell that some of the people inside the office were a bit nervous about using the ride. I couldn't wait to give the helter skelter a go.

Safety lights
Ready, set, GO RICKY GO!
After reading the health and safety instructions it's time to step into the opening of the slide. My heart began to pump faster and faster. All I could think about was how quickly I'd end up on the ground floor and I wasn't entirely sure what the ride would feel like.

I stepped into the opening of the slide and waited for the red traffic light to turn green. Finally, I found myself twisting and turning in a downward spiral and before I knew it, after seven amazing seconds I came to a sudden halt on the ground floor.

The ride really gets your adrenaline pumping and wakes you up if you're feeling a bit tired. But I'm not sure something like this will catch on in other offices. Although we could do with something similar in the Newsround office, connecting our studio with the newsroom.

Now there's an idea!"