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Last Updated: Friday March 20 2009 06:11 GMT

How much respect is in your sport?

A referee at an Italian match

Football bosses have a made a film to try to stop parents shouting abuse at referees and players.

They're worried that too many referees are giving up and that the shouting is making kids not want to play either.

So is there a lack of a respect in your games? And is it just football that's the problem?

Perhaps you play netball or rugby because there's less shouting from the sidelines?

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Your comments

"I surf and bodyboard, there is a lot of mutual respect in surfing. I think parents should not abuse refs because children are going to copy them."

Jem, 12, Cornwall, England

"I do karate and rugby. In karate, there is never any shouting as it is all about respect, and in rugby there is less shouting."

Joe, 11, Nottingham, England

"It's the boys fault and I am not just saying this because I'm a girl but boys can get a bit over-excited and they do swear, but ladies are cool and quiet."

Lucy, 10, Reading, England

"I play for a football team and we give a lot of respect to the decisions made by the ref. But lack of respect is in the professional league, which younger people copy."

Emily, 11, UK

"Well, I think there is respect in swimming, but not much in football. Adults shout and swear at the ref and he is just trying to make the game fair and make football enjoyable."

Aoibh, 9, Northern Ireland

"The boys in our class get competitive sometimes but our teacher tells them to sit down and calm themselves before they can play again."

Laura, 12, London, England

"I think that it's encouraging but sometimes it gets out of hand. I play football and I see players on the TV swearing at the ref and that's abusive. Young people will copy it."

Russell, 10, Kent, England

"I agree parents should not be allowed to interfere with the game because it distracts the people on the pitch."

Ali, 12, UK

"I always hear kids arguing about footy at playtime and it's horrible. I play netball and there is NEVER any shouting. Refs need respect and footballers should know by now that if they don't do as their told the whole team will be in trouble."

TJ, 11, Bracknell, England

"Referees always try their best to make the beautiful game clean, but the stupid adults who mess it all up make it hard and waste time."

Nick, 12, Hertfordshire, England

"My dad is sooo pushy with my brother and his friends in his football team - even some of the team are mean to my brother because of my dad - but he is certainly not as bad as the man on the advert!"

Ellen, 11, Wales

"People shout abuse because they don't get what they want. The refs are only doing their job and they shouldn't be intimidated."

Daniel, 14, Bristol, England

"I play hockey, but there are hardly any abusive or pushy parents there! They are all very supportive!"

Ellie, 11, East Yorkshire, England

"I don't play footy because all the adults shout at me because I'm not that good."

Joe, 11, Wales

"I think that they should keep shouting because if they don't then the referees will keep on doing it. If there are children around then they shouldn't. I don't see the point of playing a different sport just because people are shouting."

Charlotte, 14, Leicestershire, England

"People shout abuse at refs all the time but these refs only do their job. They make some mistakes but who's perfect?"

Daniel, 14, Horsham, England

"I think this abuse - shouting at referees should stop - because if they have microphones around little kids could hear it."

Daniella, 11, Bristol, England

"Sometimes I think footballers are a little rude to the referees as they are only doing their job, but a lot of the time, the referees are being unfair, I think."

Georgia, 13, Staffordshire, England

"My class all yell from the sidelines when I do something wrong in PE - apart from my best friend."

Georgia, 10, Kent, England

"My view on this is footballers don't have respect for the referee and that isn't fair on the ref. He is trying to make a fair game and all he gets back in return is abuse from the players. If it was up to me they would get sent off and be banned for six games."

Ranee, 12, Bolton, England

"There isn't much respect at all however it is always the same parents that are disruptive."

Harry, 11, Darlington

"The sport I play mostly is Gaelic football and nobody really shouts at the ref as they can be made to leave the grounds where the game is being played."

Claire, 12, Northern Ireland

"I don't play football much any more but I used to and when I did parents weren't shouting abuse at the ref or the children."

Reuben, 14, Kent, England