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Last Updated: Tuesday March 17 2009 10:21 GMT

FA plan to silence pushy parents

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Attempts to give pushy parents the red card at football matches are getting a boost from a new online film.

The film, created for the English Football Association, shows top actor Ray Winstone playing a shouting parent.

In it he's watching his son playing, but spends more time shouting at the referee and other players.

Football bosses are worried that shouting from the sidelines is stopping people from becoming referees and also it's putting kids off the game.

In November 2008 Newsround reported on another part of the FA scheme, respect barriers.

Winstone said: "It must be a right headache to stand next to these mugs every week who are arguing over kids' football.

"It's tough on the referee and difficult for the other parents who are trying to enjoy the game.

Ray Winstone in the FA advert
Actor Ray Winstone stars in the FA advert
"It's as if they're living their own dreams through their kids and it's not right."

The FA says around 7,000 referees give up their whistles every year because of the abuse they get from players and people watching.

The FA also thinks thousands of children stop playing football as they don't enjoy it when people are shouting at them or around them.

No game

FA plan to silence pushy parents

Mr Winstone added: "Football's our national sport and something has to be done otherwise kids won't want to play anymore and no-one will be interested in refereeing which means we won't have a game left."

As well as checking it out online, England fans will also be able to watch the film on the big screens at Wembley on 28 March when England play Slovakia in a friendly.