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Last Updated: Sunday March 15 2009 13:28 GMT

More arrests over NI shootings

Police officers (AP Photo/Peter Morrison)

More people have been arrested by police in Northern Ireland investigating the murders of two soldiers and a police officer.

Two more people were arrested over the death of Constable Stephen Carroll, 48, who was shot last Monday while on duty in County Armagh.

Officers investigating Constable Carroll's death also seized a gun and ammunition during a number of raids.

Elsewhere, a fourth man was arrested over the death of the soldiers.

Sappers Mark Quinsey, 23, from Birmingham and Patrick Azimkar, 21, from London, were shot dead as they accepted a pizza delivery at the gates of Massereene Army barracks in Antrim last Saturday.

Officers investigating their murder were attacked by youths in Lurgan, and two teenagers were arrested.

Sappers Patrick Azimka and Mark Quinsey
Sappers Patrick Azimka and Mark Quinsey were killed last Saturday

Two separate groups, who are both known to disagree with the Northern Ireland peace process, have said they were responsible for the shootings.

The Real IRA says it carried out the attack on the soldiers, while the Continuity IRA has said it shot Constable Carroll.

The peace process was set up after 30 years of trouble between some people who believe Northern Ireland should be part of a united Ireland, and others who believe it should stay as part of the UK.


Thousands of people have attended rallies to show their anger at the recent violence.

Map of Northern Ireland
And the chief constable of Northern Ireland's police force says there is only a small number of people who want to wreck the peace process.

Sir Hugh Orde said: "Of course, the threat is very dangerous, that's been evidenced in the last week, but it's a very small group.

"We have mobilised against it, and as you've seen arrests have been made."