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Last Updated: Monday March 16 2009 16:06 GMT

I'm a go-karting champion!

Maddy and go-karter Jay

Maddy chats to go-karter Jay

Jay's 11-years-old but he's already winning go-karting races with people up to four years older than him!

He's just started being sponsored by the same clothes company that supported Lewis Hamilton before he was famous.

Here's Jay's report on life behind the wheel...

Jay showing Maddy his go-kart

"I spend more than 40 weekends a year travelling to go-karting races around the country.

It takes up nearly all my time but I love the buzz of going quickly and having a great time on the track.

I've been doing it since 2006. First, I had to spend eight months practicing karting indoors.

Then I passed my ARKS Test, which is what you need to compete in outdoor races.

Super 1's

In 2007 I came 10th in the Wigan Club Championships. Now, I'm in the Super One National Championship.

Newsround's Maddy, Jay's dad, Jay himself in helmet, Jay's manager and mechanic!

I'm even being sponsored by a major jeans company who have given clothes to Lewis Hamilton!

Many people think go-karting is just all about putting your foot down hard on the accelerator pedal.


But I have to work hard at my sport. I've been on some courses to improve my driving technique.

You have to make sure you take the best angle when you're going round corners.

Most importantly, I have to stay fit and committed, and that means following a list of rules.

My dad has typed them up for me so I've always got them handy.

I have to drink at least a litre of water every day, I'm not allowed sweets or fizzy drinks, and I've got to make sure I am always friendly to other drivers.


Go-karting is an expensive sport. It can cost up to £40,000 to compete at my level, so my family's had to save really hard.

Go-karter Jay spends a lot of time travelling to competitions in this bus. Maddy has a look around

See inside Jay's touring bus

My dad and I used to travel around in his old van, but since I've been doing well, people have helped us get a special sports bus we can sleep in!

I do miss my mates when I am away from home, but I reckon it is worth it. I have made new friends through go-karting too.

It's every driver's dream to get to F1, but I know I have to be realistic. If that doesn't work out there are other kinds of car racing I'd be more than happy to do instead!"

Jay, 11, Sale, England

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