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Last Updated: Friday March 13 2009 14:50 GMT

US Idol fans upset by rule change

American Idol finalist Kris Allen

Fans of American Idol reckon the show has hit a bad note after a big change to the way the voting works.

Bosses had already brought in a fourth judge, like on the X Factor, but have now added the Judges' Save.

It means that once a series, if all four judges agree, they can decide to throw out the public vote and give a singer a second chance to survive.

Instead the singer that loses the vote will come back the next week, when there will be a double elimination.

But the change isn't popular with fans who think the decision on who stays and who goes should be left entirely to public voting.

All seven American Idol winners so far
All seven American Idol winners so far
American Idol has been running in America for seven years and is the most popular show in the country.

Huge stars like Jennifer Hudson, Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson all started their careers on the show, but Hudson wasn't a winner.

Second chance

She finished seventh in the show, after really impressing the judges but not the public. She could have been given a second chance by the Judges' Save.

The Save can't be used once there are only five singers left, but even so, could still have a big say in who is this series' champion.