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Last Updated: Friday March 13 2009 13:16 GMT

Nine-year-old sets maths record

Zohaib (left) with his brother Wajih

A nine-year-old boy from Hampshire in England has become the youngest person to pass A-level maths with a grade A.

Zohaib sat the exams when he was eight. He was nine when he found out he passed and did so well he nearly got all the questions right.

Students normally take the exam when they're 18.

Zohaib broke the record held by a boy in Hong Kong. March Boedihardjo was nine years and three months old when he sat the exams in 2007.

Zohaib said he was really happy at breaking the record.

"It felt really strange to be sat with big people in there with me.

"I revised three to five hours on a weekend and one to three hours during the week."

Family talent

It seems that being brainy runs in the family.

The boys at home
Zohaib's older brother Wajih also got a grade A in his maths A-level which he took last year at the age of 10.

The boys' mum says she's really proud of their achievements.

Zohaib now wants to take A-level further maths and is planning to go to university when he's 14.