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Last Updated: Thursday March 12 2009 06:44 GMT

Adam tunes up for Comic Relief

The BBC Philharmonic orchestra gets into the spirit of Comic Relief, by using whoopee cushions.

The BBC Philharmonic orchestra have been getting into the spirit of Comic Relief by playing some famous classical tunes with a Red Nose day twist.

Adam went along to their special recording.

"So it looks like a normal classical concert. There are instruments, microphones to record it and - hang on - loads of whoopee cushions?

As the musicians tune up they are joined by some soloists wearing red noses and carrying the inflatable farters.

An orchestra gets ready for Comic Relie
The orchestra prepare with their unusual instruments
There's also the sound of a leaf blower, which is inflating the world's second largest whoopee cushion - a 2m monster made out of rubber!

Also in the concert hall are the Saturdays, who recorded the Comic Relief single "Just Can't Get Enough".

They're going to dive onto the giant whoopee cushion during the finale. Sadly when they do a practice they tear it with their high-heeled boots. Oops!

But fear not. The world's actual largest whoopee cushion is brought in as a replacement.


The conductor taps his music stand with his baton and they're off!

The Saturdays vs a GIANT whoopee cushion

They start with the "Blue Danube Waltz". You'd recognise it from films and TV ads: Du du du duuu, dum dee dee - PARP!

They finish off with "The 1812 Overture" - except there are farts instead of drums.

Afterwards, soloist Julian Gregory - who normally plays the violin - says that playing a whoopee cushion is a bit easier, but you still have to get the technique just right.

YOU can join in!

When I asked Frankie from the Saturdays if you needed a good sense of rhythm she said: 'No, just get a whoopee cushion and get stuck in!'

And you CAN join in because Comic Relief are selling whoopee cushions this year, and they want you to fart along with the concert on their website.

You can also play along at BBC big screens in central Manchester (and at the Trafford Centre), Liverpool, Middlesbrough, Norwich, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Swansea and Walthamstow.

Check out the times on the Comic Relief website."