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Last Updated: Tuesday March 10 2009 16:37 GMT

Ricky studies lessons in football

Ricky studies football lessons

School lessons can be a bit dull at times, and it's sometimes hard to keep your concentration in class.

Ricky went to check out a school that's found an unusual solution to spicing up lessons.

"What if all your lessons at school had a theme that ran throughout them?

Perhaps your favourite film or band? How about your favourite football team?

Well, one school decided to do just that.

Year 4 students at a school in Cheshire have been basing all their subjects around Everton Football Club.

Things like science, maths and literacy all have an element of Everton included to make the lessons a bit different.

Themed lessons work well

The idea came from teacher Mr Spruce who wanted to find a way to get more kids involved in subjects, especially some of the boys who were not paying that much attention in class. So far he reckons the themed lessons are working really well.

Newsround's Ricky
Ricky at the school
In science all the kids learn about a footballer's balanced diet and the importance of healthy eating. In English they learn to write scripts for a special Match of The Day programme that they eventually get to present.

The school has invited speakers from Everton FC to talk to all the kids too, and a couple of weeks ago the whole of Year 4 went to visit Everton's Goodison Park ground.

Lots of the students at Hill View Primary School don't even support Everton, but they told me that they enjoy learning more about football and doing something a little bit different.

I helped in lessons

Some of the girls in the class said they weren't massive football fans but they didn't mind taking part!

I got to see the kids presenting a special Match of The Day and I also helped some of them with their scripts.

The themed lessons have been a real success at this school and they hope to do it again soon."