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Last Updated: Wednesday March 11 2009 06:09 GMT

I'm angry that a shop's banned kids

Girl's anger at shop ban

Press Packer Rosalind got in touch with Newsround after her local Sainsbury's supermarket banned ALL children in school uniform without an adult.

They say it's because some children have threatened members of staff and have stolen goods from the shop.

Rosalind doesn't think that's fair. Here's her story.

"I went in with money in my hand to pay for things. But they took the things off the counter and said 'We can't let you buy these.'

What Sainsbury's say

A Sainsbury's spokesperson said it had introduced the ban to protect its staff and customers.

"After a number of incidents involving children behaving in an unacceptable and threatening manner, we have had no choice but to join other retailers in the area and introduce a ban on unaccompanied uniformed school children, in the store. "

The spokesperson said they were trying to find a solution.

I had been about to pay for them and they said 'Can you please get out of the shop?'. I went out and thought, I have to do something about this.

I felt terrible. I really don't like to be treated like this.

Adults wouldn't be treated like this. If someone stole or whatever they wouldn't ban the whole adult community.

If they did this logically they would say all customers are banned from Sainsbury's.

I don't think we should be treated like this."

Rosalind, 12, London

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