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Last Updated: Monday March 09 2009 15:55 GMT

I nagged my mum to quit smoking

Press Packer Bethany persuaded her mum to quit smoking

Bethany hates cigarettes and for years has been begging her mum to give up. After constant badgering, her mum finally quit last year.

Newsround's Ricky caught up with Bethany to find out what life is like now, in her smoke-free house.

Here's her story.

"Every day I used to come home from school with my mates and the whole house would smell of smoke.

Sometimes the living room would be a bit hazy and you couldn't see properly, the smoke used to get into my eyes. I used to reek of it too, the smoke got everywhere, in my books, my clothes and even my hair!

I used to get really worried about my mum smoking. Sometimes I couldn't sleep at night thinking about it, and what would happen if she kept smoking. I kept thinking to myself that she might die and I didn't want to lose her.

Cigarettes on sale

One of my brothers has asthma and the smoke wasn't good for him, so together, we convinced our mum to stop. In science lessons I learnt how smoking is bad for your health, so I started to nag my mum even more.

Smell has gone

My mum finally cracked last August and she joined a group of people who were also trying to quit. Six months later and the house smells so much better and my clothes don't smell anymore. Even my mum's voice sounds different, it's slightly higher than it used to be and she's not as moody.

I've always watched the adverts and campaigns to get people to quit smoking, but I don't think they are enough to get people to quit. I think it's important to nag your parents to kick the habit and stop smoking.

I'm so happy now she no longer buys cigarettes, it means we have more money to do other things that the whole family can get involved in."

Bethany, 11, West Yorkshire

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