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Last Updated: Monday March 09 2009 11:12 GMT

Quiz: Famous dogs

K9, Gromit and Lassie

Question 1

What is the name of Bart Simpson's pet dog?

A: Rover
B: Elf's Big Servant
C: Santa's Little Helper

Question 2

In the film of the same name, which dog believes he has super powers?

A: Bolt
B: Nail
C: Hammer

Question 3

Which highly intelligent collie frequently helps her owners get out of trouble?

A: Wallie
B: Lassie
C: Lenny

Question 4

Which St Bernard was given the name of a famous composer in the American family film?

A: Beethoven
B: Mozart
C: Brahms

Question 5

Name the fictional robotic dog who often appears in Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures?

A: Robot
B: K-5
C: K-9

Question 6

What is the name of Mickey Mouse's pet dog?

A: Pluto
B: Venus
C: Mars

Question 7

Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston star in a film where they adopt which naughty Labrador puppy?

A: Jenny
B: Charley
C: Marley

Question 8

Tintin the reporter is aided in his adventures by his faithful white dog:

A: Frosty
B: Snowy
C: Rainy

Question 9

Which toy dog is friends with Woody in Toy Story?

A: Slinky
B: Mr Potato Head
C: Rex

Question 10

What was the name of the Skye Terrier who became famous in Scotland after spending 14 years guarding his owner's grave?

A: Greyfriars Bobby
B: Friar Tuck
C: Reverend Lovejoy

Question 11

In The Wrong Trousers, A Close Shave and A Matter of Loaf and Death, Wallace is accompanied by which dog?

A: Snowy
B: Brevit
C: Gromit

Question 12

Which dog helps save 101 Dalmatians with his partner Perdita?

A: Bongo
B: Pongo
C: Tibbs

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