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Last Updated: Monday March 09 2009 08:21 GMT

Kids try out Aussie Rules football

Aussie Rules football is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK. Gavin's been finding out why.

Australian Rules Football, or Aussie Rules, is a really popular sport down under, and now it looks set to takeover loads of your PE lessons.

Newsround's Gavin went to a school in Nottingham, where kids were trying it out for the first time...

I've had a go at Aussie Rules football before for Sportsround, and I remember it being loads of fun and really enjoyable to play.

Kids trying out Aussie Rules
So it's no surprise to see the game's popularity rise on these shores.

In Australia it attracts massive crowds and is a really big sport out there.

Now, there's a good chance some of you lot will be having a crack at it in your PE lessons. Some say it's one of the fastest growing sports in the country.

Just to give you a taste of what it's all about - imagine a mixture of football, rugby and basketball, played on a huge oval pitch with a rugby shaped ball.

Teams have to score through goal posts, but you have to bounce the ball whilst you're carrying it! Very difficult, trust me.

There are a few unique skills to the game too, such as the way you kick and pass (you have to punch the ball to pass, not throw it!)

The kids I spoke to were trying it out for the first time in their lessons. They all seemed to really enjoy it, and picked it up quickly.


The rules of the sport take some getting used to, but there are fewer stoppages in the game, so it seems much faster than any other field sport.

Authorities who manage sport in England are pumping around 70,000 into it.... and the first proper organised league is expected to start up pretty soon.

So if it keeps going well in lessons like the one I visited in Nottingham, we're set to hear a lot more about this game from down under in the months to come.

Have a lovely day!