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Last Updated: Sunday March 08 2009 17:11 GMT

British sprinter races to victory

Dwain Chambers in the men's 60m final

British sprinter Dwain Chambers has won a gold medal at the European Indoor Athletics Championships in Italy, by running 60 metres in just 6.46 seconds.

His time was a fraction of a second slower than his semi-final run of 6.42 seconds, on Saturday, which set a new European record for the event.

The 30-year-old said he'd wanted to run faster, but had to focus on winning.

Dwain Chambers is thought by many to be Britain's best sprinter, but he hasn't always been a role model for athletics.

In 2003, he said he used performance-boosting drugs and was banned from competing at the Olympics for life.

He's still allowed to race at other events, but since he owned up Chambers has had a massive fight on his hands to clear his name and reputation since going clean.

Last year, he lost his fight to be allowed to compete at the Beijing Olympic Games although he is now set to star in a World Championship in March.