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Last Updated: Tuesday March 17 2009 12:08 GMT

Single review: The Saturdays - Just Can't Get Enough

The Saturdays
Release date

It's in stores right now!

The style

It's that time of year again... and the Comic Relief recruits for 2009 are five bright, young, colour co-ordinated things!

That's right - the ladies from The Saturdays have made their mark on an 80s feel-good classic, 'Just Can't Get Enough'.

And just because you might have seen mum or dad dancing to the original, doesn't mean this cover version isn't equally as cool!

The keyboard synthesisers and electronic drum beats are all still there - but this time with some VERY sassy vocals to sing along to.

And who doesn't mind singing for such a good cause?!

The words

Even though most of The Saturdays weren't born when this song first came out, the girls have taken the lyrics and made them their own.

Clearly they're crazy about someone: "We walk together, we're walking down the street. Every time I think of you I know we have to meet!"

And it's someone they know will brighten up their day too: "And when it rains, you're shining down for me (I just can't get enough, I just can't get enough)."

Maybe it's their true love? Or maybe it's a new love?

Will you still be humming it next week?

We've been humming it around the Newsround office, so you probably are as well!

The catchy tune is getting lots of airplay already - it's even made it onto BBC Radio 1's A-List.

Hear it once and you'll be chanting "I just can't get enough" for the rest of your day.

Will it make the charts?

All eyes will be on the Top 40 next week to see if you just can't get enough of... well... 'Just Can't Get Enough'!

The Saturdays will have some tough competition in the UK charts - but, with such a fun track being in aid of such a good cause, we'd be very surprised if it didn't go all the way to number one.

NR rating:

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Your comments

"I love the song. Me and my mates can't stop singing it. We have actually made a dance to it, we just can't get enough!"

Jessica, 10, Durham, England

"This is a really catchy song. I must have listened to it at least a hundred times already!"

Rebecca, 11, Manchester, England

"Even though the original song is always better, The Saturdays made a good job of it and I love the video!"

Anna, 11, Southampton, England

"It's good, but it's not as good as the original version by Depeche Mode!"

Eden, 10, Scotland

"I love The Saturdays so much and I Just Can't Get Enough is such a catchy tune. Go Girls."

Nafeesah, 13, Ealing, England

"I LOVE THIS SONG! It's really memorable and it sticks in your head, you can sing it all day and never get bored!"

Emily, 13, Derbyshire, England

"I just cant get enough of this song! It is really catchy and it is stuck in my head."

Bethany, 10, Somerset, England

"I love The Saturdays so much and Just Can't Get Enough is their best single yet! I'm so getting their album when it comes out!"

Hannah, 10, Hertford, England

"I LOVE THIS's so catchy and every time I hear it I always have to get up and dance even if I'm in the street or in school."

Kerri, 13, County Down, Northern Ireland

"I love The Saturdays and their new song and all their previous songs. I am going to see them in concert and I love them so much."

Neve, 11, Sheffield, England

"I just LOVE this song!!! It has a great catchy tune and it is my fave song at the moment by a mile!! Well done The Saturdays!!!"

Hollie, 14, London, England

"I don't like it much. My mum and dad think they've spoiled Dépêche Mode's original song!"

Mandy, 13, Cornwall, England

"I love it, whenever it comes on the radio I can't help singing and dancing along to it. It's so catchy, I think it's on its way to No 1!"

Georgia, 11, Cambridge, England

"The Saturday's are the best! It's really cool that they're contributing to Comic Relief. I think their new song is really 80s themed, but it's still really great!"

Drina, 10, London, England

"I love this song, it's so cool. I have listened to it about 100 times."

Aisha, 8, Hull, England

"I love the song, it's great."

Molly, 11, North Yorkshire, England