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Last Updated: Saturday March 07 2009 09:52 GMT

Rare Java rhino caught on camera

Check out the rhino footage

Amazing footage of one of the world's most endangered, and rarely seen animals, has been revealed.

Javan rhinos are so rare, there are now thought to be fewer than 60 left in the wild. And almost all of them are in one of Indonesia's national parks.

About 50 live in Ujung Kulon National Park, which is where the conservation group WWF filmed the creatures wallowing in mud.

Researchers have put up 34 cameras around the park to help study them.

Javan rhinos weigh around 2,300 kilograms, and are three metres long.

Experts say their numbers are dwindling because not enough baby rhinos are being born.

They say the creatures are suffering because of the growing numbers of wild cattle.

Conservationists are working with politicians to try and find a second site for the rhinos, to encourage their numbers to grow.