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Last Updated: Wednesday March 25 2009 13:30 GMT

Film review: Marley And Me

Marley as a puppy
Marley looks like a harmless puppy, but don't be fooled!

Release date & rating

You can see it from 11 March and it's rated PG.

The stars

The main stars are Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston who play John and Jenny Grogan.

The plot

John and Jenny are a young married couple who buy a Labrador puppy, who they call Marley.

John and Jenny Grogan take Marley for a walk
John and Jenny take Marley for a walk

The film follows their life as they have three children and move houses, with Marley as their canine companion over the years.

Marley's an adorable puppy but he turns into an out-of-control dog who causes chaos wherever he goes - with hilarious results!

Best bits

Marley ripping up a sofa
Marley has a taste for the furniture

Marley's antics are so funny to watch, from the way he rips up the furniture to terrorising a dog sitter when she's in the shower.

You'll also find plenty of belly laughs as a scary dog trainer, played by Kathleen Turner, fails to tame Marley at an obedience class.

Fave characters

Without a doubt, Marley. In fact, the film used 22 dogs to play Marley as he grows from a puppy to an adult dog.

Any weak bits?

There are a few too many scenes with John at work which you may find a bit boring.

If you've read the book you may notice a few bits are left out of the film, but the producers have tried to stick as closely as they can to the story.

Hit or miss?

It's a film that will make you laugh and cry.

Whether you're a dog lover or not, you can't help but fall in love with Marley.

NR rating:

Five out of five

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Your Comments

"Marley and Me was a really good film, however, I think it was a bit too long. I'd give it a 8/10."

Rebecca, 12, Manchester, England

"It is awesome!! I liked a lot, I give it 5 out of 5."

Owen, 10, Wales

"Excellent film, it is the greatest movie this year!! Marley is so cute!"

Katie, 11, Wales

"I think Marley and Me is a great film and I love it to bits!"

Dani, 11, Southampton, England

"Good but sad :-( I loved it up until the end where it got sad!"

Megan, 11, Northern Ireland

"Marley and Me is a really good movie. I love it!"

Suzanne, 14, France

"I think it's funny and the dog is cute!!!"

Karolina, 12, Surrey, England

"I watched the film and it was amazing. I cried at the end of the film and I don't cry at much!!! It's a must see!"

Steve, 13, Basingstoke, England

"A super film!! I loved it so much :) Although I cried my heart out at the end. So sad."

Ellie, 11, Wiltshire, England

"Marley and me is a fantastic film. It had all types of emotions, romance, disappointment and at times it makes you laugh."

Niroshini and Asshini, 11 and 5, Essex, England

"The movie is fantastic though there are a few parts from the book that would have been better in the film too!!! Apart from that Marley and Me is a definite 10/10!"

Eve, 10, UK

"I thought it was absolutely brilliant!"

Megan, 8, London, England

"It's really, really good! Marley is adorable, I cried at the end though, it's so sad!! but still a great film :)"

Anna, 12, Essex, England

"I loved it! It was really funny and sad but one of the best films I have seen this year."

Kate, 13, Liverpool, England

"I think Marley and Me is an amazing film. It was really funny but also really sad, it plays with your emotions. I would give it 10/10."

Allegra, 10, London, England

"I saw it yesterday and I laughed a lot, but it's really sad so I cried a lot too!"

Abbie, 13, Sheffield, England

"I saw the film today and thought it was fantastic. It's funny, sad, sarcastic and romantic. It was a brilliant film!"

Gracie, 13, Bracknell, England

"Marley and Me is a heart-warming movie. I think everyone should see it!"

Alex, 11, Durham, England

"I loved it. Marley's so cute plus I've read the book 12 times."

Ella, 12, Manchester, England

"It was so cool when Marley jumped out of the car and when they went to get him from the pet store. The puppies were so cute."

Leah, 9, Sunderland, England

"I love it so much, I have watched it twice."

Kelly, 11, Wiltshire, England

"It was OK and Marley was funny, but not as bad a dog as he was made out to be in the trailers. 5/10."

Graham, 14, Exeter, England

"I have read the book and it's HILARIOUS!!!!! I can't wait to see the film."

Ellie, 11, Suffolk, England

"The book is great even though it made me cry! I have a dog exactly the same as Marley! I hope to see it the day it comes out! From the trailer, it looks good!"

Helena, 11, London, England

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