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Last Updated: Thursday March 05 2009 16:41 GMT

Triplets off to different schools

Triplets set for different schools

Lots of children in England found out this week which secondary schools they'll be going to in September.

The way places are given out is very complicated, but not everyone is able to go to their first choice school.

Triplets Josh, Max and Leanne wanted to go to the same place but were given places at THREE different schools.

Max has got a place at the school they all wanted to go to most, but at the moment Leanne and Josh will trying on two other school uniforms for size.

Josh, Max, Gavin and Leanne
Gavin met the kids to hear their story
Going to different schools may make things like organising family holidays more complicated, as their term dates could be slightly different.

The triplets' parents are planning to appeal against the decision, as they still want them to go to the same school.