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Last Updated: Thursday March 05 2009 15:31 GMT

Kids choose who gets charity cash

Ricky checks out Comic Relief choice

If you're raising money for Comic Relief this year it could be up to you where that cash is spent.

One of the big things Comic Relief is trying to achieve this year is to get more children in Africa into school.

The scheme was launched at a school in Hertfordshire with a special Comic Relief guest - Reggie from Radio 1.

The charity has picked three different ways that it thinks will make that happen, and you can choose which one of them will get your money.

Reggie told Newsround's Ricky: I've been really impressed to see the pupils choose where their money goes. It empowers our kids in the UK and will make a huge difference in Africa."

Help families who can't afford school
Help children who don't live with their family
Help children who have to care for their families
Comic Relief says there are 35 million children in Africa who can't go to school at the moment.

Some children's families are too poor to afford school while other children aren't able to go because they have to help at home when a family member is sick.

Other children don't live at home, so just can't go to school.