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Last Updated: Tuesday March 10 2009 18:56 GMT

How do you make money?


A schoolboy is more than £8,000 richer after selling off his massive collection of McDonald's memorabilia.

The 11-year-old says he'll use the cash to buy something else to sell on for more money as he wants to be a businessman.

So what do you do to make money?

Are you always coming up with money-making schemes or do you spend cash quicker than you can earn it?

Maybe you boost your cashflow by doing jobs at home? Or do you just rely on your friends and family for cash handouts?

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Your comments

"I always save up the money I get for my birthday, trust me it's easier rather than going through so much hassle!"

Miriam, 12, Luton, England

"Me and my friends walk dogs and wash cars in the summer."

Rachel, 12, Scotland

"I get £1.50 a week if I don't get into trouble and look after my younger brother and sister. I also sometimes get more by washing up."

Harriet, 10, Essex, England

"I have a paper round and I make £53 a week."

Craig, 13, Glasgow, Scotland

"I make money by washing my mum's car. I also walk people's dogs for them, as I love animals. Sometimes I help people with a paper-round, or help out at a football club."

Ellie, 12, Kent, England

"I get £5 for cleaning my parents' cars. But I help around the house for no pocket money. Sometimes I get clothes and toys, it depends whether my parents are in a good mood or not!"

Holly, 11, Wales

"In the summer, it is really hot here so me and my friends have a bancarella, which means a stall. We sell shells and jewellery made by me. It is soooo much fun and you get to meet different people!!"

Ismene, 10, Sicily, Italy

"My granddad gives me £15 pound a week. If I do chores around the house my mum doesn't pay me. She says that you should do it to help, not for the money!"

Bethan, 12, Swansea, Wales

"Me and my friend always do a jumble sale in the summer. We make about £10 each time!!!"

Amelia, 12, Swinton, England

"I save money from my birthday. I also have saving bonds!! I place money I get away in my bank!!!"

Caitlin, 11, Weymouth, England

"If I do chores for my mum I don't get money, but I get 7 Euros pocket money every Friday so I think I have enough."

Catherine, 11, Kerry, Ireland

"I save money by selling my toys that I don't need and some of my necklaces and I make lots of money. I sold my favourite PSP game for £15."

Haleema, 10, Birmingham, England

"I get £30 a week off my Mum and Dad and when I am 15 I am going to get a job on Saturdays."

Lucy, 14, Bath, England

"I get money from my birthday or Christmas. Sometimes I wash my dad's car and get £5."

Paige, 11, Devon, England

"I sell homemade chocolate for about £1 or £1.50."

Samira, 10, Dagenham, England

"I get £8 every 4 weeks and 75p for washing up each day."

Molly, 11, Starbeck, England

"I do a job a day, like the dishes or helping with my little sister, and I get 5 Euros a week. I also save up money from my birthdays, Christmas and Easter. If I am desperate, I get money out of my account!"

Aisling, 11, Galway, Ireland

"Where do I begin???!! First off, if I clean my room I get pocket money, £5. If I wash the dishes, £1 or, if I'm lucky, £2.50. I also collect and keep birthday, Christmas and exams money. I also go to my auntie's where she just HANDS me the money."

Rachel, 10, Belfast, Northern Ireland

"I earn a bit of pocket money by helping my mum out in her after-school maths class she runs. Apart from that I save up my money from birthdays."

Ameena, 11, Swindon, England

"I pick up leaves in my garden to make £5 a week."

Lauren, 13, Hampshire, England

"I just save up my money from grandparents!!!"

Anisah, 11, Edinburgh, Scotland

"I had a wobbly tooth and it came out and I got £2.50."

Georgia, 9, Warrington, England

"I save money by cleaning my bedroom and helping with my baby brother."

Tannysha, 11, Leeds, England

"I live in a pub so I earn money by filling up the sauce pots."

Molly, 10, Manchester, England

"I get money for Christmas and birthdays, but apart from that my mum just gets me the things I want."

Milly, 13, Manchester, England

"I used to sell little necklaces for £1. Now I help my mum with her work."

Frances, 10, Peterborough, England

"I get money once a month, £15, for doing chores."

Helena, 11, Huddersfield, England

"I get it off my grandparents. I've got a book which tells you how to make money."

Anisah, 10, Edinburgh, Scotland

"I don't make money, all I do is save it on my birthday and celebrations etc."

Hinna, 12, Surrey, England

"I get 20p for jobs, a bit for good marks in SATs and violin exams, birthdays and Christmas. I have also got a small business selling toy cats to people at school for £1."

Catalina, 11, England

"I get pocket money every week and if I get good grades I get more."

Skye, 11, Telford, England

"I make money by doing sales. I never actually keep the money though - I give it to charity. Recently me and my friend raised £90 for charity."

Zara, 11, London, England

"I get £15 a week for my school dinners but sometimes I have to save up with that money. I am now saving for trainers."

Fatima, 12, London, England

"I currently have £97 in my wallet and I have not spent much. I also do a bit of business with lending people money and they pay me back the next day."

Stella, 10, Liverpool, England

"The way I like to get money is to tidy the house, clean my mum and dad's cars and take our dogs for a walk sometimes with a friend or with my dad."

Paula, 11, Leicester, England

"I like to make money by helping my mum out with things and I ask her for any jobs I could do."

Natalie, 10, Doncaster, England

"I babysit for 10 Swiss Francs an hour, that's about £6 an hour."

Nathan, 13, Switzerland

"I have six laying hens, I sell their eggs to raise some money. Right now I am raising money for Blue Peter's Mission Nutrition."

Iona, 10, Inverness, Scotland

"I get £5 every month and try to save my lunch money, which is about £8 a week."

Courtney, 12, Bristol, England

"I wash my mum and dad's car to get £10. If I do the inside as well I get £20!"

Ellis, 12, Essex, England

"I usually gather money from Christmas, Easter and birthdays and then save it - and I do jobs around the house for money."

Layla, 12, England

"Me and my brother get £5 every other weekend if we are good and don't fight!!!"

Freya, 10, East Sussex, England

"I sell games and sometimes books to my friends and teachers."

Sara, 13, Manchester, England

"I always get pocket money."

Natasha, 7, Yorkshire, England

"I have to tidy my room to get my pocket money. It takes me forever to pick everything up and my dad doesn't know what colour the carpet is!"

Rubie, 10, Watford, England

"I make money by washing people's cars."

Yom, 11, England

"I get £1 every day which is enough for me. I can earn more by doing chores, getting good scores in tests and for my birthday."

Rizwan, 13, Lancashire, England

"I do chores for my dad through the week and get pocket money which is £3!"

Alice, 11, England

"I don't usually make money, but I get pocket money."

Erin, 10, Scotland

"I sell drinks and chocolate bars in school."

Owen, 13, Manchester, England

"I get £20 every month, but I do the ironing for my mum and I'm always making cakes."

Charlotte, 14, Stockport, England

"My auntie makes cards so she showed me how, so I go round to my neighbour's and sell my hand-made greeting cards for one or two pounds. People even phone me up to order cards!"

Georgia, 12, Worcestershire, England

"I make money by washing my dad's car for a quid and doing chores around the house."

Liam, 11, Buckinghamshire, England

"My dad only gives me one pound a month."

Ellen, 7, London, England

"I do different chores every weekend - making as much as £2."

Katy, 10, Cheshire, England

"Sometimes I empty the dishwasher and load it back up or I sell my old CDs and clothes at a boot sale!"

Teagen, 12, Kent, England

"I do the dishes for £3 but once I get loads of money I spend it on shopping (clothes) - fashionable of course."

Jane, 13, Glasgow, Scotland

"I get £10 for doing the chores."

Lauren, 11, Northern Ireland

"To get money sometimes I pick it up off the floor at school but I haven't seen any for a while. Every Saturday or Sunday I go to my grandma's and she normally gives me about two to three pounds. I get some for my birthday as well - and Christmas."

Charlotte, 14, Leicestershire, England

"I like car washing - me and my mate got more than £30. When I am 13 I am going to be a newspaper boy."

Ben, 11, Manchester, England

"I've sold a lot of things and I think I am an expert at buying things for really cheap prices and then selling them for a lot more!!!"

Warda, 12, Bradford, England

"I have a paper round which I get £10 from each week which is enough usually - but if I do want more then I sell my stuff on an under 18s' auction site or help my mum!"

Emma, 14, Kent, England

"I sell my old stuff at car boot sales and make brownies and tea cakes and sell them. Over the last three years, I have made £6,000!"

Isabel, 10, Wales

"I wash my Daddy's car at the weekend for £2 and sometimes I do things for my Mummy and she gives me some pocket money for magazines and sweets."

Freddie, 9, Essex, England