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Last Updated: Thursday March 05 2009 13:35 GMT

Snow storms blow back into the UK

Snow sweeps into south west England

Snow has swept back into the UK, making it difficult for people to get around in south England and Scotland.

In south west England 8cm of snow fell in some areas, and around 60 cars were stuck overnight on the A30 road that runs between Devon and Cornwall.

Weather experts think most of that snow will melt away during the day, but more could fall in the Scottish Highlands.

That's because the storm over Scotland is different to the one that dumped snow on the south of England.

Snow on Dartmoor
Dartmoor was badly hit
Some schools in south west England were closed by the snow, but nowhere near as many as when the snow struck in February.

The overnight snow caused accidents and fallen trees across Devon, the Highways Agency said.