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Last Updated: Thursday March 05 2009 12:39 GMT

Boy's collection raises thousands

Part of Luke's McDonald's collection

An 11-year-old boy from Nottinghamshire has made a whopping 8,000 by selling his collection of McDonald's goodies!

Luke had 5,000 items from the fast-food chain, including posters, Happy Meal boxes and toys, as well as limited edition displays from the restaurants.

His dad bought him the collection, which has been described as "totally unique" for just 250, four years ago.

Now Luke's pocketed 8,130 by selling it off to loads of different bidders from all over the world.

He said he was sad to see it go but decided to sell the massive collection because it was taking up so much room at home.

Check out more of Luke's collection...

Now's he looking forward to his next big buy!

"I want to be a businessman when I'm older," he said. "I like going to car boot sales with my dad and buying things then selling them for more."

"There was just one bit I really didn't want to let go of, the Toy Story diorama, but maybe I'll buy it back."