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Last Updated: Monday March 09 2009 10:05 GMT

Do you support Fairtrade products?

Children's views on Fairtrade

Your views on Fairtrade food

Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate is set to become a Fairtrade product this summer.

The Fairtrade campaign is designed to make sure that farmers in poorer countries get a fair price for their crops.

You can spot the Fairtrade logo on loads of products in shops these days, including clothing, coffee, bananas and sweets, but are you a fan?

Have you ever brought Fairtrade products? Do you know much about the scheme or is this the first you've heard of it?

If you spotted the Fairtrade logo on a product would it make you more or less likely to buy it? Would you pay more if you knew something was Fairtrade?

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Your comments

"Fairtrade is awesome. In New Zealand it's very hard to buy Fairtrade though! Shops need to get behind Fairtrade here and sell FT products."

Andre, 14, New Zealand

"Fairtrade food and goods are a great idea, it helps people, and us too!"

Owal, 11, Slough, England

"I think Fairtrade is a brilliant idea. We are doing stuff about Fairtrade in school. It's nice paying a few pennies extra and it goes to a better cause."

Melissa, 11, Swansea, Wales

"My mum buys Fairtrade products. In fact, around 90% of our food is Fairtrade. My mum doesn't care if it's more money or not."

Rachel, 10, Belfast, Northern Ireland

"I do, but the only thing is that they are quite expensive. We tend to buy coffee or bananas."

Bethan, 12, Swansea, Wales

"I like Comic Relief Dubble chocolate bars. They are fair trade and lots of fun!"

Richard, 10, Kent, England

"I think Fairtrade products are a good idea. If you work hard, you should be paid fairly!"

Jess, 14, Bridgend, Wales

"I think that Fairtrade is a lot nicer that normal chocolate. I think more people should be eating Fairtrade and more shops should have them on the shelves as well."

Laura, 11, Larne, Northern Ireland

"Yes, I support Fairtrade products and I think New Zealand should have more of them just like the United Kingdom."

Sam, 12, New Zealand

"I love Fairtrade chocolate, it's so yummy but my Mum and Dad hate it but they still buy it because the money goes to a good cause and all that means is more chocolate for me!!!"

Kiez, 11, Renfrewshire, Scotland

"I'm vegan, so I can't eat the chocolate but I do buy Fairtrade or UK-made food as much as I can. I don't want people to suffer to feed me, so I try as hard as I can to support Fairtrade."

Niamh, 12, Nottingham, England

"I've just made a chocolate cake out of Fairtrade products!"

Charlie, 14, Rotherham, England

"My school has a geography club that I attend. We are trying to promote Fairtrade products all over school. We already have Fairtrade chocolate in the tuck shop and Fairtrade coffee and tea in the staff room."

Lola, 14, Cardiff, Wales

"At my school, every Friday there is a Fairtrade stall. It's called Fairtrade Friday, they sell stuff like chocolates and drinks. Everyone goes to the stall, even teachers."

Rizwan, 13, Blackburn, England

"No way, it costs so much. Why can't we just donate £10 a year to charity?"

H, 10, Bristol, England

"I think we should definitely support Fairtrade because it's very important for the farmers to get a reasonable price for all their work. My school is focusing on Fairtrade at the moment and we are trying our best to get involved."

Alannah, 12, Essex, England

"Farmers have a right to get a good price so I think we should give them one!"

Ellis, 12, Essex, England

"Although Fairtrade products can be expensive I think everyone should try to buy as many Fairtrade products as possible."

Laurie, 10, Bromley, England

"I enjoy Fairtrade products because I know that the people that help with the products get their fair share of the money."

Eilish, 11, Arbroath, Scotland

"I think Fairtrade is very good because it helps so many people."

Sophia, 12, Northamptonshire, England

"I think that everyone should buy Fairtrade because people shouldn't suffer. At my school we are against poverty, we run a club and raise money for poorer countries. We have a lot of Fairtrade days as well."

Lauren, 12, Leicester, England

"I do and don't. It just depends on what I want to buy."

Anisah, 10, Edinburgh, Scotland

"We've been learning all about Fairtrade at school and I think everyone should buy Fairtrade products. All the farmers get a fair amount of money. That's why it's Fairtrade!"

Alice, 10, Bicester, England

"Our school is joining in the Go Bananas For Fairtrade record. We all paid 30p for a Fairtrade banana and we are going to eat them on Friday!"

Lauren, 13, Devon, England

"I think all products should be Fairtrade. The farmers have a right to a respectable wage if they're producing food that we use almost every day in our lives."

Nergiz, 12, London, England

"I would love to buy all Fairtrade products, but the problem is that they are far too expensive! I CAN'T AFFORD IT! I would love to help though!"

Nala, 12, Leeds, England

"I love Fairtrade because it tastes better when you know that the people who grew it are being treated fairly."

Ella, 12, Hampshire, England

"My mum tries to only buy Fairtrade chocolate - so this is really good news!"

Katie, 10, Sheffield, England

"I have supported Fairtrade since I was 10. On Friday my school is doing a day of action to raise awareness and money for Fairtrade (I get to dress up as a gorilla)."

Dylan, 14, Glasgow, Scotland

"My school is Fairtrade!"

Callum, 10, Scotland

"I support Fairtrade because the farmers should get a good price for their crops."

Jack, 11, London, England

"Yes - I just got back from the shops where I bought Fairtrade chocolates! I try to never buy food that's not Fairtrade if there is a Fairtrade option."

Hannah, 11, Birmingham, England

"I completely support Fairtrade products because farmers are given more money for the goods that they produce. This enables them to have a better standard of living, so I am very happy Cadbury's Dairy Milk is becoming a Fairtrade product."

Emma, 14, Surrey, England

"I support Fairtrade because it helps people who are poor get money."

Alice, 12, London, England

"I think that Fairtrade is really good because it helps the farmers who have little money get the money they have earned."

Abigayle, 13, Hampshire, England

"We should help the poor famers because they need to feed their families."

Andrew, 13, Manchester, England

"Where my mum shops they only sell bananas that are Fairtrade."

Georgina, 11, London, England

"I think Fairtrade is good because it gives the poorer farmers the money that their crops are actually sold for. I think we should try our best to get all products Fairtrade!"

Holly, 13, Cambridgeshire, England

"We support buying Fairtrade products because we believe that the money should go to the people who produce the product."

Class 2, age 10, Cheshire, England