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Last Updated: Wednesday March 04 2009 08:20 GMT

Plans to protect village schools

Sonali's report on the new plans

Loads of small schools are closed every year because they cost too much to run, but now politicians in Scotland say they want to do more to protect them.

Some schools in the countryside have just a handful of pupils as there are fewer families living nearby.

That makes them very expensive to run and, over the past 10 years, has led to the closure of about eight small schools in Scotland every year.

Now some politicians want to put new laws in place to stop that happening.

If the new laws are agreed, pupils and teachers will get more of a say on any major changes that are proposed and they'll have more time to speak out too.

When a similar thing happened in England 10 years ago, it helped lots of small schools to stay open.

About 4 of every 10 primary schools in Scotland is said to be a rural school.

Rural school closures have also upset loads of people in Wales, but officials there argue that it costs them about 30 million every year to maintain more than 80,000 empty places.