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Last Updated: Tuesday March 03 2009 16:11 GMT

Adam gets his body scanned in 3D

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Adam gets scanned in 3D

Children are getting bigger, which is making it harder for shops to know what size to make their clothes.

Now a hi-tech plan to solve the problem is getting started, and Adam's been along to check it out - in his underwear!

"It's like no passport photo I've ever had done!

The 3D body scanner at Manchester Metropolitan University looks a bit like those photo booths you get in shopping centres. But using it is totally different.

First of all you have to strip down to just your underwear, which is a bit embarrassing. Then you get into the box. You have to stand exactly on a pair of footprints on the floor and hold some handles that look like walking sticks.

A relaxing message and some nice classical music start playing. Then loads of lights flash all around you (they're not that bright!). Before you know it - the scan is all over!

Stand very still

A scan of Newsround's Adam
This is Adam's complete scan. He has a full waist, apparently
You have to stand very, very still but it only takes about five seconds.

Waiting on the computer outside is a computer graphic of your body.

It is EXTREMELY strange seeing yourself in 3D. The measuring experts can spin it round so that you can look at yourself from every angle you can imagine.

They said that I had a "full waist" and that both halves of my body were the same size and shape. I'm not sure if either of those are good things.

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Adam's full report

The scanning machine can take 200 measurements in an instant.

It's all part of a project to measure 6,000 children across the UK so that clothes shops can update their sizes to modern today's body shapes."