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Last Updated: Tuesday March 03 2009 14:04 GMT

In pictures: Snow storms strike America

A dog in Maine

This dog is making the best of a snow storm that has blown across much of north east America. Some areas were covered by more than 25cm of fresh snow.

The White House

Washington DC was one of the worst-hit areas. The winter weather left the White House looking a bit whiter than normal.

A man skies in Washington

The man in the middle of this picture decided skis were the best way to get around in Washington.

A member of the secret service in Washington

The secret service on the other hand made slightly different arrangements to make sure they could get around America's capital city.

Jamilya makes a snow angel in Washington

Millions of children across America got an extra day off school. Jamilya in Washington decided to make a snow angel on the street.

A boy in snow in Maryland

This Amish boy seems to be making the most of his extra day off school too. He seems to be on a mission to cover himself with as much snow as possible!

Turner gets his bike ready in Richmond

Turner in Richmond, Virginia, obviously didn't fancy walking around in the snow. Although a bike doesn't look like the easiest thing to use does it?

A car park in North Carolina

This car isn't moving much in North Carolina, but as you can see from the tyre tracks, plenty of other vehicles have been battling the snow.

Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey

More than a thousand planes were stopped from flying because of safety worries.