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Last Updated: Monday March 02 2009 18:39 GMT

Ricky visits an Easter egg factory

Newsround's Ricky

For a lot of children Easter is all about chocolate. But often those tasty eggs come in giant cardboard boxes packed full of plastic.

This year things are changing. Ricky's been investigating.

"Spending the day inside a chocolate factory sounds like my idea of fun. But it was all in the name of work (honest!) to find out why this year, Easter eggs are going green.

At the Nestle chocolate factory in Halifax, hundreds of workers are busy with all the different machines.

Ricky visits a chocolate factory

Some of them melt the chocolate before it's put into the moulds. Others wrap the finished eggs in foil before they get packaged up ready for the shops and supermarkets.

Smells amazing!

The factory is a fascinating place to be inside and the smell is amazing, it made me really hungry! But this factory is doing something a bit different to their eggs this year.

Like many chocolate companies, Nestle are reducing the amount of packaging they use for their eggs.

Old and new egg packages
You can see the difference between the pack sizes

Don't worry, the size of the chocolate eggs is not getting any smaller! It's just the cardboard and plastic around it that's being reduced in size.

Cadbury's are reducing its packaging by around a quarter as well to make the eggs more environmentally friendly. The smaller boxes will also make it easier to get them from the factory to the shops.

In some cases the plastic inside the cardboard boxes is disappearing altogether. The aim is to make your Easter rubbish easier to recycle.

I got a special tour of the factory to see how the eggs are made. I couldn't resist getting my hands on one, they smelt so good and tasted even better!

So this year, look out for the Easter eggs in their shrinking packets at a store near you!"