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Last Updated: Monday March 02 2009 14:15 GMT

In pics: Ricky visits Easter egg factory!

Ricky next to a conveyor belt of Easter eggs.

Everyone at Newsround was jealous that Ricky was visiting a chocolate factory - but we weren't envious of the hairnet he had to wear!

Chocolate moulds on the conveyor belt.

This factory is trying to cut down on its packaging. Here's how they make the eggs. First melted chocolate is poured into moulds.

Chocolate eggs hardening.

Then chocolate eggs are left to harden.

Chocolate eggs on a conveyor belt.

The Easter eggs then travel on a conveyor belt to the next stage.

Wrapped eggs on another conveyer belt

The eggs are covered in foil then travel a bit further along at the Nestle factory in Halifax, West Yorkshire.

Factory workers packing eggs and Smarties together.

The people in the factory pack the eggs and Smarties into new boxes which don't use any plastic and use less cardboard.

Easter eggs with smarties travelling on the conveyor belt.

The Easter eggs are almost finished. Special nests keep the egg safe instead of plastic.

Easter eggs packed in boxes.

Finally the eggs are packed into boxes. The new boxes are smaller than usual so more can fit into one lorry and be transported in one go, which helps with pollution.

Ricky at the end of the easter egg production line.

So after spending the day at the factory, surely Ricky has had enough chocolate?

Ricky eating chocolate

Of course not! There may be less packaging but it's still REALLY yummy! Other companies are also cutting down on packaging - Ricky wants to investigate them all!