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Last Updated: Monday March 02 2009 07:22 GMT

Spacecraft crashes into the moon

China's moon mission

China moon mission comes to an end

A Chinese spacecraft has crashed into the moon after a 16-month mission.

Officials said the unmanned space probe, which had been mapping the surface of the moon, made the crash landing in a controlled explosion.

The Chang'e 1 satellite was launched in October 2007 under the remote control of space stations in the east and north west of China.

It formed part of China's space plans, which also include building a space station and landing a man on the moon.

Meanwhile, China has announced it is going to launch a space module in 2010 and carry out the country's first space docking.

Officials said the module, called Tangong-1, would give Chinese astronauts somewhere to live and carry out scientific research in zero gravity conditions.