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Last Updated: Friday February 27 2009 08:25 GMT

Rugby stars help fans get healthy

Rugby stars visit kids for tea

A pair of Warrington Wolves fans got a big surprise when two of the team's top players dropped in for dinner!

Brothers Vinnie and Louis Anderson are on a mission to teach children in the area how to cook healthy meals.

So they visited 13-year-old Rugby League fan Tyler and her cousin Ethan, 10, at home to show them how to make healthy burgers and potato wedges.

The aim of the campaign is teach kids how to cook meals - rather reaching for a takeaway meal or menu.

That's because a recent study found that lots of popular takeaways were high in fat, and in particular saturated fat.

Eating too much saturated fat can cause problems for your heart and can make you become overweight.

Burger time!

After making the burgers with Vinnie, Ethan told Newsround: "Looking at them now they're really shaped like a hamburger - I love it, they're good! I've never made anything like this before. I want to do it again."

And Tyler, who made the wedges with Louis said: "It's really exciting because he's my idol - I really look up to him, it's really cool to cook with him."

Small changes to the way you prepare meals can make a big difference, like grilling and baking food rather than frying it.

Vinnie told Newsround: "When you're preparing your own meal you're aware of all the ingredients going in - you pay more attention so you should know exactly what you're putting in your body."

Get the recipes
Vinnie, Tyler, Newsroun's Adam, Ethan and Louis
Five more lucky Wolves fans will get the chance to learn a recipe from the star players over the next few months, in a competition held by local newspapers.

A recent study found that lots of popular takeaways were high in fat, and in particular saturated fat.

Saturated fat is in lard, butter, cheese, whole milk and anything that contains those ingredients, including pizzas, chocolate, biscuits and pies.

Why are sat fats so bad?

It's also the white fat you can see on red meat and in processed products like sausages and burgers.

If you eat a lot of saturated fat it can build up and form into things called fatty deposits. They can sit in the blood vessels that supply the heart.

That can put you at greater risk of heart disease and heart attacks when you're older.